Cocoa Chocolate Lab


Weight 10.4 oz, Dimensions 10 × 12 × 5 in Breed Chocolate Lab, Labrador * Age: 24 Months & Up, SIZE (CM) (41 cm) SIZE (IN) 16″ LongStuffed Toy SIZE Medium WASHING: MACHINE

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Cocoa Chocolate Lab . Cocoa Chocolate Lab * Are you looking for a puppy who’s already housebroken and knows how to sit and stay? Cocoa our Chocolate Lab stuffed animal might be your perfect pet! Featuring a cuddly plush coat of chocolatey brown fur, Cocoa is both realistic and huggable. Interior plastic pellets lend a lifelike weight to this plush toy and her 16 inch size is nearly that of a real puppy! She features a soft, leatherette nose and expressive eyes that will warm your heart. Cocoa’s durable, floppy design is easy to pose and ready for hours of imaginative play. Bring this friendly plush dog home today and she will become a quick favorite of all fans of the loyal Labrador Retriever *Breed ! Additional information: Weight10.4 ozDimensions: 10 × 12 × 5 in *Breed Chocolate Lab, Labrador AGE 24 Months & Up, SIZE (CM)(41 cm)SIZE (IN)16″ LongStuffed Toy SizeMedium WASHING:MACHINE SKU: 1811 Categories: Animals, Dogs & Puppies, Labradors Tag: LabradorsShare this post on Facebook.Share this post on Twitter.


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