Freckles Golden Appaloosa Foal


Weight 4.4 oz, Dimensions 9 × 3 × 11 in * Age: 24 Months & Up, SIZE (CM) (25 cm) SIZE (IN) 10″ TallStuffed Toy SIZE Medium WASHING: SURFACE

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Freckles Golden Appaloosa Foal . Freckles Golden Appaloosa Foal * Freckles the Golden Appaloosa Foal stuffed animal is a sprightly equine companion that will eng AGE the imaginations of horse lovers of all AGE s! With her sunny palomino coat and appaloosa spots, she makes for an attractive sight. A wide blaze details her face while bright, white socks accent her legs. Crafted with cuddly plush materials, Freckles is a versatile friend who’s as perfect for naptime snuggles as she is for playtime adventures. Lively dark eyes and a fluffy mane and tail lend this little filly her spunk and appealing personality. Saddle up for some Western fun with Freckles the Golden Appaloosa plush Foal! Additional information: Weight4.4 ozDimensions: 9 × 3 × 11 in, Age: 24 Months & Up, SIZE (CM)(25 cm)SIZE (IN)10″ TallStuffed Toy SizeMedium WASHING:SURFACE SKU: 4544 Categories: Animals, Farm, Horses Tags: Farm, HorsesShare this post on Facebook.Share this post on Twitter.


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