Nia African Crowned Crane


Weight 7.9 oz, Dimensions 12 × 6 × 13 in * Age: 24 Months & Up, SIZE (IN) 12″ Tall Without Legs SIZE (CM) (30.5 cm) WASHING: SURFACE

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Nia African Crowned Crane . Nia African Crowned Crane * Take part in a boisterous dance with Nia, our African Crowned Crane stuffed animal, and discover this exotic bird’s dramatic flair! Featuring a realistic design and sweet, heavily lashed eyes, this gorgeous plush Crane is sure to be a hit with nature lovers of all AGE s. Nia’s body is weighted for lifelike realism while her feathery plum AGE is depicted with designer plush materials in a variety of colors and exquisite patterns. Her velvety gray legs are long and soft and give Nia an appealingly floppy body style that’s easy to pose for display or cuddle up in your arms. It’s fun to dream up exciting safari adventures with Nia the colorful plush Crowned Crane! Additional information: Weight7.9 ozDimensions: 12 × 6 × 13 in, Age: 24 Months & Up, SIZE (IN)12″ Tall Without LegsSIZE (CM)(30.5 cm) WASHING:SURFACE SKU: 4276 Categories: Animals, Birds, Jungle & Zoo, WildlifeShare this post on Facebook.Share this post on Twitter.


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